March 11, 2010

#100 Questions for Q&A Vlog. still open. Keep em coming!

considering i have started this blog in nov of 2008. 100 posts really isnt alot haha but it is one of those numbers where it is only right to try to make a big deal of it. i know i said i will do a vlog for the 100th post but ermm haha i think i need a bit more time. but i promise! i PROMISE! i love u and i promise.
like the title says.... keep the questions coming, on here, facebook, or email. Q&A Vlog is on it's way. ask me anything and everything. fashion , me, hong kong, food, shopping, tips, advice. this is the time.
Special Thanks to my boyfriend! for taking these amazing photos =D haha THANKS!
Jacket- i really dont remember
pants- issue
shoes - Eley Kisimoto
clutch- pink martini


Initials.CC said...

Superbe ! Ces photos sont magnifiques !! J'ai la même veste en poil que toi !!

Des bisous de Céline et Charlotte

Emilie said...

Love your bag and your belt!

MONI said...

you have amazing style! loved the belt and the hairy coat


Tuxy said...

you´re so cool¡¡

i love your leather green bad.

Please visit, my blog.

I´m follower;)

IKS said...

Im never good at this Q&A challenges,so I will stick to the good old thing - compliments :) And, you know, we (I) won`t forget what you PROMISED :D You look dazzling as always, enjoy and have a nice weekend :D

and yes, p.s. a favor to ask, If it won`t be a problem pls follow the link on my blog and vote for me :)
Thanks a lot :D

BlogNdoll said...

So gorgeous!

Vicki said...

I just found your blog and love it!! love the shoot you did for the hair salon :) would you like to exchange links with me?
vicki x

Anonymous said...

Ihr habt eine schoene Webseite hier, und vielciht schaut Ihr euch auchmal meine an, ok Sex im Internet ist nicht jedermans Sache, aber eben meine erste Homepage. Danke und macht weiter so!

Unknown said...

So gorgeous! Love your blog, first time here but I will definitely visit your blog more often. Have a nice day dear.

Sandy Label said...

beautiful photos! i fell in love with ur jacket

ElodieVeryPetit said...

Very nice pics !

Brigadeiro said...

GORGEOUS outfit! Love the jacket! Love your style! ;)

edith said...

I really like your accessories. Can you post a blog about it :D
looking forward to it hehe

I V Y said...

oh wow, very pretty!

this is her. germaine. said...

HI! Im going down to hongkong for a week in april do you mind recommending good: thrift/vintage shops? quirky places to shop or chill? salons or manicure places?

Whew, that was long. sorry for the many questions! I love your accessories too!

The Little Black List said...

really lovely, beautiful. great style, and i love the jacket.

PUNKIE said...

wonderful!!! I've a fur very similar to your's and I adore it!

paanie said...

that jacket is so yeti! i luuuv it. congrats on the milk press!

Tessa and Joosje said...

I am LOVING this! following you

Lara said...

Amazing outfits!!

Love your blog!


HeadOverHeelz said...

I m glad to discover ur blog! U have a great sense of styles, especially love the streetshots, wish i have the gut to do so! :)

enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Tu es vraiment très belle et ton sac est magnifique bravo !!


Family Lawyers Sydney said...

i love your make up really pretty

Gold Coast Lawyers said...

you are brilliant with outfits

Brandon Learning Centre said...

Fabulous, brimming over with confidence!

Eve-r-green said...

Amazing look. I love the jacket.

Ang Lam said...

Love your clutch so much!! You look stunning dear!

thefashionshape said...

Great outfit !
U r amazing !

what u thinh about my blog ?


Anonymous said...

cool blog!!!

Jenny said...

Great to see an English HK blog!

Anonymous said...

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