March 6, 2010


So It is like a total honor to be on MILK as my Fashion Blogger self. Was a great experience and had an amazing time looking through all things Harvey Nicols (heaven). I Obviously do not own a scanner and there is every right reason to therefore i shall get one and scan this properly.
The interview is in Chinese. maybe i can translate it.... Maybe. i dont know how weird it would be translating my own words. so i'd like to thank IRENE CHAN ... haha cutest, sweetest girl on this planet, who is in paris right now for fashion week -_- and in this case... jealousy killed the cat. love ya!
Top- Clu
Leggings- Sass& Bide
Necklace (top)- Dannijo
Necklace (bottom)- Ongwat
Shoes- Loeffler Randall
Glove- G.I.M
(ALL from Harvey Nicols)

Thank all for reading my blog. this is my 99th post!
maybe i can do a Vlog (Video Blog) to celebrate my 100th post
a Q&A vlog maybe?.... Maybe.
hahaha have a great weekend!

P.S anything you guys would like to know about me? or anything u want to see in a Vlog! any ideas! just post in the comments below


Ashley said...

bought the magazine just for your interview :) it's my first milk magazine in 4 years!

you look amazing and i didn't know you have a child! your body looks amazing!!!


Talia said...

that's a great opportunity and appreciation of you ;) I am happy for you. Congrats;)

Isabelle † said...

Love this pics girl!
Thank u so much for you're lovely comment :)
keep on checking my daily updates!

Tuxy said...

hi¡¡¡ your blog is one of the most trendy blog that I have seen in time.

you´re look gorgeous and stylish¡¡

please visit muy blog¡¡¡

Melanie Likes said...

Gosh, you have the greatest face! Congratulations on being featured in Milk! BEAUTIFUL STYLE!

Follow please?<3

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome!! I wish I could read Chinese! xoxoxoxo

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

hey cindy,
great pictures as always. maybe for you next post, u could share more about yourself. you have amazing style, so it'd be nice to know more about u. what's ur background, howd u get into fashion etc? thanks

STARR said...

Congrats! You look gorgeous as always. How about some personal style rules and beauty routine?

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

that is awesome!
x fashionnerdic

G Tauberge said...

that's amaaazing! as is that gears/chains necklace. congrats on the feature!

lola Alexander said...

I Heart your blog:

javiera isidora said...

congratulations! it will be amazing see a videopost!, love your style, the leggins are so beautiful, great like always!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy absolutely love your style and you seem to have such an intriguing lifestyle. Would you consider setting up a formspring page? I have like, a million questions I'd love to ask you!

sha said...

hahahah I was flipping through Milk X at work today and I saw that feature :D congrats!!!

Definitely interested in a little more about your background and how you got into fashion hehe :P

Anonymous said...

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