November 25, 2009

Here it is my friends... Hong Kong.

COCO COCOON. A great day in the big HK. no fog, clear skies, cool winds...So here it is ladies and gents, the glamorous Hong Kong in a snap shot. Lights, Lights, Light and more Lights. Brace yourselves for Christmas cause it will be epic! =D
Jacket- TheNudeCase
Tank & Leggings- American Apparel
Flats- Tory Burch
Purse- Chanel
Glasses- Chanel
Bracelet- Hermes
Scarf- Louis Vuitton


Ore.Runs said...

Love your sunglasses and I'm infatuated with your bag!


M a z p e said...

i really want to go to Hong Kong and just tour around some places in Asia, it looks like such an amazing country! and your pictures are great and the look and i could go on xooxo

Closet Full of Nothing said...

ahh i miss hk!!!!! you look fab.. LOVE that coco cocoon bag!!

anya said...

seriously an amazing outfit, perfect little details. im in love!

saray said...

love the photos!
the outfit is great and so are the shots..

Valeriesoh said...

hey c,

the weather was wonderful yesterday wasn't it?

how has things been going for you?going anywhere for christmas?

x v

Valeriesoh said...
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the blabbers said...

love ur jacket from thenudecase!!! btw, new chanel bag again???????? -_-"

Emilie said...

Love the photos!!!!!!
I've never been in Hong Kong but it seems to be amazing!

chauss said...

fabulous pix!
and on on my blog, i have pix of louboutin store construction. lol
xo chauss

Carolina. said...

I loved the sunglasses!
Your blog are fabulous.

Gabrielle. said...

those are some amazing sunglasses you got, girl.

Gabrielle. said...

those are some amazing sunglasses you got, girl.

JOWY said...


One Love,

Anonymous said...


Jes said...

Gorgeous xx

chippendale said...

J'adore Hong kong que j'ai connu avant 97 autour des années 94 et j'ai des souvenirs extraordinaires, une ville du futur qui a du aujourd'hui tellement changé, les buildings en construction avec des échafaudages en bambou je crois et le fameux peak qui surplombe la ville extra!!!!