October 4, 2009

Get it While It's Hot.

NO!!! i have not stopped blogging! haha i've just been out of town, in Shanghai again! but i am back yes i am. And i've got something Good to post about, been cleaning out my closet and well...i am trying to put some of my stuff out there and see if anyone is interested. I've got two bags here. One is BRAND NEW and the other i've used MAX 5 times. If you are interested just comment below or email me. => Now i just hope i won't regret it.

Studds exploded on it and it's perfect
-in mint condition (used max 5 times)
-super spacious and practical
-got shoulder chain strap
-longer adjustable leather strap
-got back pocket and inner compartments
-looks amazing with... Anything! i promise. =>
No.2 SOLD.
That bag we all want and CAN afford!
-ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW, tag still on.(i love it but it needs a better home.)
-long chain shoulder strap, and suede padding for comfort (perfect length)
-6 outer compartments with studded zipper head
-very spacious, perfect for a school purse or really just any occasion
-four studs on the bottom of the bag.

all prices in USD.


The Voguette said...

Omg the second one is sooo cutee! Very Alexander wang! if I had money I would totally buy it!!

<3 The Voguette

loft in soho said...

I looooooove the second! Is so Wang!


loft in soho said...

I looooooove the second! Is so Wang!


Anonymous said...

omg i totally want the 2nd bag.
the thing is, i live in europe. germany to be exact. how much are the shipping cost? and do you take paypal?

email me at: rawwr.star@gmail.com

Grace said...


Love Grace.

janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey: http://tinyurl.com/graeyss10

irene madrazo said...

i like the firt one but i live in spain do you know how much shipping cost??

Emilie said...

Love the first one!

Cindiddy said...

hey irene email me at cindyyko@gmail.com thx!

Vanessa said...

i'm interested in the first bag! how much is shipping to the US? And is it real leather?

Cindiddy said...

Hi there Irene- Shipping to Spain will be $21 that is (international 2-4 days express with tracking no.)

Vanessa!!!=> Shipping to the US. will be $20 usd.(international 2-4 days express with tracking no.)
and it's synthetic leather ( which mean the studs will never turn rusty )

please email me if you are interested.
Also if you think shipping is too much there is an option and that is the international 10-14 days but will only decrease the shipping cost by a few dollars.

Frou Flu said...

love them both:) too bad the second one is sold:( is the first bag still available?

Cindiddy said...

yes it still is ...for now!

free your soul said...

i love no.1 bag. is it still available? and how to make a deal for that bag? thank you.

Colleen said...

is first bag still available or is it long gone?


Ashley Lee said...

Same here. Is the first bag gone?