August 21, 2009

Mini Twinkle Haul.

Hey all!!! i am back in HK! and of course first things first, shopping!!!
For those of you who are asking me all the time where i get twinkle well, let me just tell you once and for all, HOLD TIGHT! haha cause twinkle will have an online shop in the near future.. say... mid- late october. Only then will you be able to insanely indulge. =D but i sure will keep you posted =D
oh and by the way... New hair! thoughts? tell me what you prefer.... before.. or after! =>
Leather Jacket, Grey sweater, beige cardigan- twinkle
shredded tee- DIY
jeans- Jbrand
shoes- AMAYA
glasses- nomadic.


Ai Mei said...

Love the shoes! Can't wait for twinkle. About the hair - 1st word that came to mind - grunge.

Anonymous said...

love the grey sweatshirt

check out my blog @

Domennie said...

love everything you're wearing!!

loft in SoHo said...

I absolutely looooooooooooooooove everything what your wearing, cool outfits dear,


cocktailoffashion said...

I like those shoes and your leather jacket!
And your hairstyle is very edgy...i like it a lot! :)

Kat said...

Hi there! Nice blog! Love that gray bulky piece!

Olga Babenko said...

look great honey ^^


sexyinthecity said...

Totally in love with the first outfit, the leather jacket is amazing!


Nini's Style said...

you look fabulous!!! I just found your blog today through La Mimi and definitely come back more often.

Unknown said...

i just looove your blog.
and these outfits looks great.

love it :)

Shirley said...

Love the leather jacket look!!!
And congrats on the new hair! Looks oh so effortlessly cool ;)

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow wow wow - that grey sweater is beyond aweseome!!

ivy said...

owwww....gurl, i still prefer your previous hair...this one look o.k though...its more of a messy-waisted-look...but i still prefer the 'before' hair :)

ps. and u really rockin' those ourfits! :)

Unknown said...

nice pics:)

Daniela said...

Now your look great!
And love first outfit. Jacket & sweater!

Helen said...

i think your old hair looks better on you hun! and i love the white DIY shirt! looks great!


Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa said...

lovely! dig your style, immensely. killer shredded tee.

Fashion By He said...

great shots...amazing looks

love the blog, let me know if you want to link exchange

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

You look fierce! Love every single outfit!
X, fashion-nerdic.

6roove said...

hello! i like all these outfit, great!

watching the waves

Frou Flu said...

love all the outfits as always:) i think the new do is pretty cool:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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