December 2, 2008

First Tag

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Was tagged by Champagne of C is for Chic* : list 6 things I like/6 things about myself

1. I Love Baking and Cooking. donno if im any good but i do it anyway. => => =>

2. I Love the cold, the air is Crisper and i get to use a huge down Blanket and just stay warm in bed.

3. I Love White Chocolate Mocca from Starbucks in the winter and Tazo Iced tea in the summer.

4. I Love all things Lemon...the color, the scent and anything made with Lemon.

5. I Love Fastfood.

6. I have a Collection of Rubber Duckies!

there it is... my first tag. => => =>


Closet Kisses said...

love your blog.


Andy said...

Cute :-)


withasianstereotypes said...

cute to know more about my baby <3


Sarah said...

Mmm baking is the bomb.

Sharlo said...

aww :)
i love ur leopard tights
shall we trade links?


hey hunny!
yea, i model for a living for now that is. anyways. i lovvve white chocolate everything too!!!!

u are adorable!!

do u live in HK?

Champagne said...

I'm the total opposite when it comes to the cold. I can't stand it. I'm more of a summer kind of gal. I also like to bake....but I don't do it a lot. ^_^;

Blood Roses said...

om nom nom i love white chocolate mochas!

MOLLY GRAY said...

i agree with you on n° 1, 4 & 5. =D

Chloe said...

No, I already love and adore your blog on my first visit

Mila said...

Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate...

You are so beautiful!


Chloe said...

Yes it is!
Thank you!

Doll of porcelain said...

Love your style :) It's really really cool and you're so lucky it's so hot in your place! In Poland there's -10 degrees now ;)

holly said...

collection of rubber duckies, that is so cool!
the winter overall is my favourite, but i use my down blanket all year around he he he :D
great AnnDem jacket

cottonshrinks said...

yay baking! I think I like baking more then actually eating what I bake.

Anonymous said...

white chocolate mocha is the best!!

La C.

Anonymous said...

haha i just discovered your blog- and i like it! :)

and yea, i'm like addicted to the food network channel but i'm pretty sure i can't bake or cook haha

D said...

i love number 2 on the list,the cold air is crisp,today i wanted to describe the weather and i coldt find the correct word,its so much better to cover up with tons of chic scarves and outerwear then taking off clothing in the summer!

good blog,lovely blog

Angela said...

HAHA I use a huge down blankie too!

Because of it, I'm always lethargic when it comes to waking up in the monrings. :(

STARR said...

I love fast food too lol

Song of Style said...

u and I are complete opposites.
I hate the cold weather, i hate fast food (except fries. lol)
i'm glad we atleast share our passion in fashion. hahaha
u should move to SF. it's freaking cold

Iole said...

Hi I'm Iole...thanks to stop by.
I love the selby too and your blog really really rocks.
Come to visit me again.
Lot's of love and sparkling bubbles

Terencesambowrites said...

i also love rubber duckies :o)..ok guilty pleasre though..

Do drop by my blog like u do n check out my new interview...

Bella said...

Adorable first tag.
Rubber Duckies collection!