November 18, 2008


jeans-j brand
glasses-chrome heart

had sushi for dinner.... soo good. one thing bad about sushi is that you feel hungry again a few hours later.. so now im freakin starving! ..
went to my friend lico's store twinkle today (if you live in hk... its located in causeway bay) and got the furryy black vest i ordered like a month ago! sooooo nice.. will take pics of them asap! also went to get a few articals of black n grey tops for a few "projects" im about to start. hope i get to show u soon.
went to sing kareoke with a few girlies its now 330 am and i have to wake up at 8.
shizz.. need to sleep now.


shirley said...

loving the shoesss hahaha
thats cuz i have them too :)

Zoƫ said...

i love the look and the shoes!
super cute.

Brook and Lyn said...

LOVE the shoes! Cute outfit.