November 19, 2008


belt-club monaco
legging, skirt-american apparel

BURRRRRRRR!! thinking it was still just transitioning into winter i wore a short sleeve top and didnt bring a jacket. wow...was i wrong or was i wrong! it was FREEZING!! i had goosebumps all night like it was just the way my skin looked. ew.
wore the new vintage top... love the sleeves and the was mistaken as a LUELLA!!!
new bangle too...

again bear with me for another week or two haha i WILL be getting a new cam. im just waiting for the one i want to come out.

P.S- updated playlist with ...... so rich so pretty by mickey avalon.


Anonymous said...

why am i just now discovering your blog!!!!!!!!
you have effortless chic. i love your song too.

i want so bad the jacket you have in tuxedo tunnle

i hope i can still find that jacket somewhere online

do u wanna trade links?

Anonymous said...

back to ask about the k2 jacket. i checked online and all i get are ski wear. is k2 the name of the brand of the jackey?

i'm just so inlove with it.