November 24, 2008

The C in Chanel

lace top-H&M
pants-miu miu
heels-sergio rossi

Got all laced up tonight for my amazing, loving, understanding, humorous, sexy mother of a lifetime Momma's Birthday. I love squeezing my mom haha that innocent helpless look in her eyes is sooo cutee!!! had dinner at intercontinental, my parents FAV Chinese resturant.
so yes.. i got to wearing the lace top from H&M it fit very very nicely. i know the pics are still disgusting in quality but hang in there, The first pic shows very clearly the lace top and my double chin. Enjoy. =>
i cant waiiittt to go on the full on planned shopping trip on friday with my sister, u all just stay tuned.


shirley said...

your double chin hahhahaha

shirley said...

"did i say you could slide along my bed like a zombie????"

shirley said...

remember when you swung her around the living room after she gave you the givenchy bag..her face..priceless hahaha

Andy said...

I like the lace thing!

Check out my blog.

Brook and Lyn said...

I bought that lace top too and returned it after not finding an outfit for it. But you made it work so well! I'm not wondering if I should go get it again. yikes!