November 25, 2008

Big Reds

belt-club monaco
Always in the mood for bright colored lips. i love getting these vintage dresses, wear it with a belt, a tee and a leather jacket and its cool. Wear it with a cardigan and tights and belt then itll look retro-ey.
i love them.

THESE BOOTS!!! i want i want i NEED!!!
*pic from lisaplace* =>


leeselooks said...


thanks for the sweet message.

love your style.

the MMM are insane.
also TWINKLE- so cute.
i had a friend who interned for Wenlan so i helped out in NY for their show!

have a beautiful week.

yes yes! link exchange for sure.


Cheryl said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! Linked your blog, btw. I like your style - especially that grey knit sweater or cardigan that you studded yourself!

leeselooks said...


ah. so cool about TWINKLE.
i love her stuff too.

oh my. no, modelling here. the word scares me.
also i just turned 24...which i think is retirement age, hey?
BUT thank you for being SO sweet.


ambiquitous said...

thank you! of course i would love to exchange links :) i just love that dress you are wearing..great style!

Andy said...

Yeah i want to trade like, with pleasure ;))
I love your outfit!
And those booties are insane.



withasianstereotypes said...

Oh so lovely baby, the photos are brilliance especially the fierce look you've got on! I'm so loving your blog.



red lips! love em!


Champagne said...

Ooo, just saw your post on my site. Love your dress its so cute.

And I will be linking as soon as I'm done commenting your page. ^_^

littlemolly said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I love your blog too, you've got some amazing outfits. I've added you to my links too. Hope you're well honey. xx

Jaime Jun said...

thank you sweetie! of course, i would love to! i'm in love with your blog and style :)

laura said...

Your outfits are awesome. I love the studded sweater in the DIY post. I'm adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind (:

Song of Style said...

Thanx for the sweet comment!
those boots are smtg to die for!
love it!!!
and i heart ur blog.

Zoƫ said...

your shoes are amazing!!
and im loving the dress, looks great on you


i lovvvvve your dress and i lovvvvvvvvvve those shoes. if u ever find those shoes please let me know where! those are perfection with every outfit!

i also adore ur blog. i will be keeping up with you!


wiNkz said...

wooooo love those studded heels!!

yaaa up here ta check up da site!! keep going mamaC!!

Anonymous said...

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