November 12, 2008

Al Bistro Al Bistro

shirt- DIY cut up shirt, Pants-miu miu, shoes- maison martin margiela, purse- chanel.

went to my friends new resturant for dinner last week. here are some pics of my outfit.
-I try to wear those shoes as much as i can, i love that it makes my feet look smaller and the profile of it is just breath taking. It's soo comfortable too, i could wear it all night...partying!
-The DIY shirt was orginally a plain black giordano tee, was inspired by camille @ childhoodflames to cut it up. it was great with those more dressy miu miu genie pants.
-The hard helmut like chanel purse suited perfectly with the shoes and its probably one of the most loved chanel purses.

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